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SCOPES ft. Ben Van Gelder – Official European Launch date for debut album

SCOPES is an Euro­pean jazz en­semble rooted in Berlin, Pa­ris and Am­s­ter­dam. The group consists of Ben van Gelder – alto saxophone, Tony Tixier – piano, Tom Berkmann – bass and Mathias Ruppnig– drums who met in New York, where they each spent sev­eral years and de­veloping their individual musical style.

These four individual composers have joined to form a whole and cre­ate a distinct band-sound. While their music is deeply grounded in the jazz tradition, their songs serve as a platform to explore new realms through improvisation.

Like a kaleidoscope, their music evolves through each concert and creates a unique experience for the listener. The acoustic quartet produces a transparent, modern sound that stands out from the classic line up of alto sax­o­phone, piano, double bass and drums.

Tonight sees the band launch their debut album on Whirlwind Recordings.


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