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The Shape of Jazz To Come Day 2: Orphy Robinson presents: ‘Dub All Vision/Double Vision’

Supported by the Dave Holland – Evan Parker Fund


Line up:

Orphy Robinson (Vibes, keys, Electronics).

Zuri  (keys/piano)

Renell Shaw (Bass/Spoken Word)

Ricco Komolafe (Bass)

Samson Jetta (Drums/Electronics)


Tune into “Dub all vision/Double Vision” A channel where there will be always two sides to every story. A veritable sonic palate where Notes, Tones, Voices, Sounds & Frequencies from the past & future “Dig it all/Digital ” landscape of (youth) collide with the present, in a mouthwatering panoramic sound world into the soul of the universe and beyond.
 “Dub all vision/Double Vision” Creating an intense sonic blueprint into the Past/Present & futures of sound. 
Tuned Percussionist/ Electronics, Keys/Piano, Digital Perc interface, drums and a unique double base of 2 Bass players plus Multi Media.
So that’s Grit & Grime, Hearts & Minds, Thoughts & Prayers, Rice and Peace, Heads and feet. Dub all vision/Double Vision!
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