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Nigerian juju singer TOPE TEN TEN is one of the new wave of singers from Nigeria that are upgrading the juju music of King Sunny Ade and Chief Ebenezer Obey with harder and infectious rhythms of contemporary music from reggae to funk to jazz to salsa to anything in between.

The improvise nature of the music gives the singer the freedom that allows the singer to change the lyrics and harmonies to suit the infectious rhythms been created by the drummer and the taking drummer. The new improvisational style has taken Nigeria by storm that no two performance are ever the same.
Temitope Aboyade took her nickname Ten Ten as her stage name because she is the singer that started the improvisational approach to juju music. King Sunny Ade was happy with the new approach that he invited her to open his many arena shows.
It was fitting that Tope Ten Ten made her a successful UK debut on Sunday 6th November 2016 at the Vortex – the home of jazz improvisation.
She returns to London for this concert after her London debut show was well received by Nigerians, world music and jazz fans alike. An incredible first concert.
Tonight she performs with her incredible band playing music from her double CDs GRATITUDE AND PROGRESS (Estee Temmy Records).
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