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Treppenwitz, n. – treppen (stairs) + witz (wit) An event or fact that seems to contradict its background or context.

Matthew Aplin – piano
Tom Riviere – double bass
Steve Hanley – drums

Treppenwitz is dedicated to a familial approach to improvised music. The central philosophy is that all music is related, outgrowths from the same seed; passages of explorative beauty and space sit alongside energetic bursts of freedom. Compositions are contributed by the members, with something open-ended deliberately in mind; the shapes and contours of the music develop organically, different every time, always seeking.

“Intense and fearless…the strong musical relationship between these three leading young jazz musicians allows them to delve deep into improvisation, with beautiful original melodies and fascinating rhythmic structures…” – Ilkley Jazz Festival

“In something of a crowded market, the young piano trio Treppenwitz is making a fresh new case for the medium, with an ensemble sound and historical awareness that both builds upon and ignores what has come before. Their performance at mjf 2017 captivated the audience with its reflective miniatures and extended investigations into sound, not afraid of lyrical melodies – nor of avoiding them. It’s a band that will surely blossom over the coming years.” – Steve Mead, Manchester Jazz Festival

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