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This week’s discussion looks at the topic of Brexit. Not just that it is becoming harder to travel to and from EU to play for musicians, but the costs will be rising. So what might be the implications, and how might jazz and other music change? If we now can’t  allow “aliens” to work on our scene?!!

“Now is the chance for the native to assert his proper pre-dominance in the land of his birth….After having their employment prejudicially affected for years past by Germans and Austrian, [musicians] may be excused if they fail to see how the substitution of French and Belgians is likely to benefit their condition.”

Who said this and when? Answer at the end of this post!

We also had a similar relationship when American musicians were not allowed for a period of 20 years to the mid-50s and then only allowed in on an exchange deal.

Now we have restrictions due to the need for visas and other costs.

Let’s brainstorm in an entertaining way. Open to all, however active you want to be! And chaired by Oliver Weindling, director at the Vortex.

[Answer to the quote: a meeting of 100 London musicians convened in 1914 at the start of WW1.]

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Topic: Vortex discussion 39 – Brexit: What is to be done?
Time: Jan 27, 2021 05:30 PM London

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