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Vortex webinar/discussion 12 “It’s all about the music – or is it?”

Join our weekly freewheeling online discussion, which has covered a wide range of topics with participants from all round the world!

This week we wonder if there is more than just the music that counts.

The period of lockdown has led to a major re-evaluation of how we listen to – and view –  music. Engaging with the performers and the rest of the audience.  Of course, the live performance itself is crucial, especially in jazz where so much comes from the interactions of the musicians “in the moment”.

But is there more? There have been many concerts and performances streamed from homes on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook. Often great music, but ropey sound or vision. Does that matter? As time has gone on, we have started requesting more again. Hankering for the world as it was of performance.
We also realise how much is about the community. The chance to share with others conversations and more.

But the live gigs that we move back to are not the same as they were. Social distancing can lose for us the atmosphere as it was.

What should we be doing? There are certainly positives to learn from streaming so far. And how we can blend the live and the virtual.

This week’s discussion looks further into the different aspects involved.



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