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The Vortex has announced the line-up for iconic UK saxophonist Evan Parker’s fourth annual Might I Suggest festival, which runs from 28 January until 1 February 2014.

Following 2013’s enormously moving run of concerts with the legendary ICP (Instant Composers Pool) Orchestra from Amsterdam, the next festival sees a focus on the French musicians Evan has forged musical relationships with.


Free improvised music has accounted for most of Parker’s activities for nearly 50 years, whether playing solo or in groups, but both jazz and art music composers have also deployed the arresting physicality of his sound as a contrasting and energising element. A major force in European improvising, Parker is a natural collaborator. Put simply, he’s one of the great saxophone players – ever. So, from his wide-ranging travels and experience, he has a unique slant on the European improvised music scene today. The festival is special for this year, as 2014 is the year when he celebrates his 70th birthday. Meanwhile many of these musicians are making all-too-rare visits to the UK.

“Can you think of a better saxophone player? I can’t… the point with Evan is, he really starts beyond somewhere even where you could get to and takes it from there, that’s the great thing about him. He is a giant.” Robert Wyatt

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