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18 portraits of some of the musicians who belong to the unique, eclectic, vibrant and creative London Jazz scene.

Most of the musicians featuring in this exhibition have played, at one time or another, at the Vortex Jazz Club.


Nadjib’s unusual parentage (half Indian half French) and being brought up mixed race in both Paris and London during the 60s and 70s has resulted in a particular sensibility with regards identity issues. In Paris he was often mistaken for being North- African, which gave him an atypical insight into a society limited by its deep rooted prejudice.

This is manifested in his visual work, both in his representations of multicultural London and in more graphic and abstract work, where themes of duality, complementarity and opposition are apparent. His background as a graphic artist and designer also contribute to a highly developed sense of composition, texture and colour.

Integrating the devastating effects of long-term illness is an ongoing process, and representing themes of ephemerality, ageing, mortality, a sympathy and awareness for vulnerability and the invisible are ongoing projects.

Despite the challenges of long term illness, Nadjib’s eye is celebratory and appreciative, echoing his love of music – in particular -jazz, art, poetry and nature.

“Nadjib Le Fleurier’s visual work relating to jazz, improvised music and related forms, tends to look and probe deeper, posing philosophical questions related to musicians’ thought processes, before, during and after the sound production, touching on the psychology of improvisation, and the essential flow required to improvise music freely. Some of his visual compositions capture this . . . time and space. He is searching, for the essence of the music and the improvisation process.”
Kevin Davy (


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