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A well balanced and highly democratic unit who bring a contemporary slant to the jazz organ combo.. joyous, invigorating.. fluent and absorbing[]

With the release of their second album ‘Make Your Stand’ (2019), the Anglo/Scandinavian trio is bringing contemporary organ jazz to UK and European listeners. An absorbent and groovy group that captivates listeners and brings fresh sound to the classic line-up.

Acrobat was formed by Liverpool born drummer Pat Davey in 2008, but the unit has always enjoyed creative contributions from all its members, making the repertoire rich and enjoyable in variety. “Original…innovative…warm and groovy, smooth and edgy” – Ivan Road. The members has performed with an impressive amount of artist, from Will Vinson to Phronesis, Soweto Kinch to Archie Shepp. The group has been a yearly fixture for the EFG London Jazz Festival since 2013 and have done exciting collaborations with a number of artist including vocalist Sara Mitra and Saxophonist Tom Challenger.


Will Bartlett – Hammond Organ
Pat Davy – Drums
Kristian Borring – Guitar

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