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Blue Town Trio: Zoe Francis, Jim Mullen and Ross Stanley

Doors 7:45 PM, Music 8:30 PM – 2 set(s) of music



Zoe Francis – Vocals

Jim Mullen – Guitar

Ross Stanley – Organ


Zoe Francis, vocals, Jim Mullen, guitar and Ross Stanley on Hammond organ, will be performing songs from Zoe’s new album called “Somewhere in the Night” inspired by her love of the Blue Note, Larry Young and Grant Green recordings. Zoe is a class act, known for her impeccable taste in material. Jim and Ross are the finest on their instruments. Expect to hear classic songs with fresh arrangements and tempos. Zoe’s beautiful voice set against the rich layers of sound from Ross’s Hammond and Jim’s melodic blues lines make this trio sound like a mini orchestra!

“With three beautiful sounds like these, no other musicians are required and this is part of what makes this recording so special and unusual. To have organ and guitar without drums is basically unheard of, but when the musicians have exquisite voices on their instruments, it is truly complete and nothing is missed. This is a great record that stands out in it’s beauty and courage” –PETER BERNSTEIN

“A breath of spring…great interpreter of the American Songbook.” JAZZ JOURNAL

“She’s totally a jazz singer her phrasing is masterfully varied from chorus to chorus.” JAZZ RAG MAGAZINE


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