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Clarissa Connelly

Bird On The Wire presents: Clarissa Connelly at the Vortex, London

Clarissa Connelly is a Copenhagen-based producer, composer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, and has recently joined Warp Records family. Providing a moment of serenity and bright joy, Connelly is an artist whose music cuts through the chaos.

​Born in Scotland, Clarissa Connelly relocated as a child to Denmark, where the cultural landscape has fuelled her creativity, though exploring the sacred sites, mythology, and music of Nordic culture. She first gained international attention with Tech Duinn (2018), a hypnotic album named after a spiritual gateway in Celtic myth. For her most recent album, The Voyager (2021), Clarissa physically walked the Scandinavian landscape, channeling melodies from ancient pre-Christian sites. To allow others to virtually join-in, Connelly developed an app called Vandringen which responds sonically to these sites. The album received global acclaim and was awarded the prestigious Nordic Music Prize which is testament to her studious dedication to composition as a masters student at the prestigious Rhythmic Music Conservatory (CPH).

Other impressive accolades include, opening for Jenny Hval across the UK & EU last year as well as taking part in Laurie Anderson’s choir. It’s also worth noting her recent premiere of Canons at Roskilde Festival, a choir piece that included Erika de Casier, Astrid Sonne, Henriette Motzfeldt (Smerz) and others.


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