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David Thomas Broughton + Woodpigeon SOLD OUT

“Arguably the most staggering live musician in the country.” – SONNY BAKER, MOJO

David Thomas Broughton occupies a contentious position, divides opinion, unsettles, is self-consciously clumsy, hilarious, beautiful but above all memorable. You’ve never seen anything like it before.

Walls of noise and layers of beauty interweave and delight at every turn. Many people use loops these days. Broughton includes the glitches, mistakes, and the resulting comedy in his act, works with what he has, and moves on.

He never leaves his onstage persona, and that can be unsettling. Even confrontational.

Leeds born, with an Art lecturer father Broughton himself thought it unnecessary to study art given the books at home. He is an accomplished illustrator (all his sleeves and cover art are his own work). His own degree is in Environmental Science, and he can tell you what bird is sitting on the fence 100 yards away.

Broughton writes songs of beauty, with classic themes of love, pain, hurt, suicide, depression, teenage angst etc… It’s just they come out with a comedic twist and are rarely reproduced in a live setting as they are heard on record.

Broughton released long-awaited new album Outbreeding, via London indie label Brainlove Records in May 2011. Featuring eleven songs that will be familiar to his loyal and ever-growing live audience, Outbreeding brings together compositions written over the last couple of years into a compelling new collection.

Woodpigeon‘s Mark Hamilton opens with a solo set. The band’s sound has been compared to Sufjan Stevens, Grizzly Bear, Camera Obscura, Simon & Garfunkel, and Belle & Sebastian, amongst others. Band leader Mark Hamilton’s main lyrical influence is The Kinks.


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