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Dead Neanderthals

Dead Neanderthals is a Dutch/UK based double sax & drums trio incorporating elements from jazz, grindcore, drone and noise culminating in a pummeling sound that has been described as Painkiller meets Brötzmann. This is the new wave of Dutch Heavy Jazz. Dead Neanderthals are launching their new album ‘Prime’. Heralded as their “ultimate statement” and “a wake-up call to anyone who thought free jazz was a dying art”, Prime is a single, unrelenting 40-minute piece, with no “solos” or soothing interludes. Dead Neanderthals will perform ‘Prime’ in its entirety at The Vortex.

Otto Kokke – Baritone Saxophone
Rene Aquarius – Drums
Colin Webster – Baritone Saxophone

“..this is unmissable” Pitchfork

“Prime’s ferocity and aggression hide a spiritual core” Phil Freeman

Graham Dunning: turntable and effects
Colin Webster: baritone saxophone
Sam Underwood: tuba.
DunningWebsterUnderwood perform improvised music avoiding conventional playing of their respective instruments. They each bring their own flavour. Graham with modified records, minimal effects and dub production techniques; Colin providing clicks, pops, honks and raw power; Sam in charge of the deep, drone, doom layers. Their work together started earlier this year with the recording of their debut album Bleed – out in early 2015. The album title provides a good description of how the sound of each piece develops and melds. This will be the trio’s début live performance.


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