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Death Shanties + Dan Haywood + Joanne Robertson

A night of free jazz and folk out-sounds as Death Shanties launch their brand new LP “Crabs” out on Fuse records.

Death Shanties is a new mixed media balls-to-the-wall Free Jazz group featuring Alex Neilson (drums), Sybren Renema (alto/ baritone sax) and Lucy Stein (painting/ projections). The group combine references to Medieval music, Sea Shanties and Field Hollars with the ecstatic cry of classic 1960s fire music. Stein uses primitive devotional images, food stuffs and even her own hair in visceral, highly textured painted projections making Death Shanties a unique and immersive live experience.

“Lucy painted across Alex and Sybren using an overhead projector but there was more to it than that. She was clearly feeding off the music. Her brush strokes were in perfect synchronisation with Alex’s drum explorations. Was Lucy painting like a drummer or was Alex drumming like a painter? I think they met each other half way in an explosion of rhythm and colour.”

Dan Haywood is a songwriter and ornithologist based in Lancashire, England, where his latest album ‘Dapple’ was recorded at various locations in the Forest of Bowland. His reputation as a storyteller and performer of the highest distinction is gathering steam on the back of a string of choice shows with fellow sonic nomads including Josephine Foster, Michael Hurley and The Tallest Man on Earth.

“Defiantly individual…Surely a future cult classic, its raw takes on folk and country are a timeless delight” 24/7

Joanne Robertson is a London poet, artist and musician, who has previously collaborated with Hype Williams’ Dean Blunt.

‘It’s hard to describe exactly how Joanne’s songs function. In certain ways they bear a similarity to folk music. empiricially, they fulfill most of that genre’s requirements, but they actually hew to none of its conventions. The lyrics, the structures, the rhythms all breathe with a unique quality that feels born of a free improvisational impulse rarely associated with folk music. the surface of this music is so casual it almost defies you to get close enough to really see it, really try to comprehend it. but the closer you listen, the weirder and deeper everything becomes.’ Mimaroglu Music

“Robertson flows like a river. She wears her heart on her sleeve and paints and sings directly from it. She is a natural. I would like to be more like her.” Martin Creed

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