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Encuentro – Andria Antoniou & Roman Gomez and friends

The duet has recently released collaboration album Encuentro. The debut album was successfully launched in Cyprus and London in Autumn 2019 and has won the duet a centre-place in the latin jazz / tango music scene as evidenced by the recent runner-up award the duo has received at the 2019 LUKAS Awards. The artists are greatly humbled to have been given the opportunity to share their music from the prestigious Vortex stage.
Encuentro is neither pretending to be original tango nor authentic jazz. It is a unique blend of Argentinian tango and Latin American folklore with jazz.

As the album title betrays (i.e. translated in English, encounter), the album embodies the experiences and feelings of the two artists who, coming from very diverse backgrounds, encountered each other and decided to set track for unexplored musical adventures. The thematology of the album is inspired by themes of displacement, nostalgia, loneliness, the utopian experience of love and the power of women to resist and seek for freedom. The duo’s style draws upon impressionistic elements, creating evocative imagery through the explorative use of “colour” in harmonic usage, texture and timbre.

The duo is very excited to have special guests Barbara and John with them on the violin and piano respectively.
Band line-up:

Andria Antoniou (vocals)
Roman Gomez (piano, bandoneon, guitar)
John Turville (piano)
Barbara Dziewiecka-data (violin)

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