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Evan Parker Invites…Trance Map + Matthew Wright & Adam Linson

Evan Parker (sax)

Matthew Wright (turntable/electronics)

Adam Linson (bass)


This month Evan Parker invites Trance Map + Matthew Wright and Adam Linson to join him for an evening of free-improv.

Parker a major force in European improvising has collaborated with everyone from Dave Holland, Cecil Taylor, Paul Bley & Anthony Braxton, through to Scott Walker, Robert Wyatt and Squarepusher. He is one of Europe’s most innovative and intriguing saxophonists, which is why he keeps audiences coming back for more: Trance Map is and example of one of those innovative collaborations.

Trance Map – While most improvisers build a shared language over a long series of performances, resulting perhaps in an eventual studio recording, in the case of Trance Map, the language was meticulously constructed in the studio environment first. Both Parker and Wright investigated the ways in which improvisation, sampling technology and soundscape design can be brought together. The project resulted in the creation of a CD and also a series of live performances. When Trance Map is presented live in public, new material is recorded in real-time and mixed into the original structure, thus extending the potential density of the contrapuntal thinking, but also adding greater subtlety to the hinterland between ‘organic’ and ‘digital’ sound sources.

Matthew Wright works internationally as a composer, improviser and sound artist at the edges of concert and club culture. His output stretches from scores for early music ensembles and contemporary chamber groups to digital improvisation, experimental turntablism and website installations not to leave out collaborations with dance, theatre and film. As a performer he works with turntables, laptops and surround sound installations to create post-DJ, multichannel music embracing hip hop, avant and improvised traditions.

Adam Linson is a double bassist, improvisor, and composer, who also designs, develops, and performs with real-time interactive computer music systems. He performs regularly on the double bass, acoustically and with live electronics, as a soloist and in a wide variety of ensembles.




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