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Floors is collective project formed by three of the most intriguing young musicians of the new Italian jazz scene. Francesco Ponticelli, Francesco Diodati and Filippo Vignato founded the trio driven by a common vision of research that superimposes acoustic sound to electronics, used in real time by all of them. The name of the band itself evokes a layered and stratified music, with a look at minimalism, at polyrhythmic paths and at the same strong attention to melody and lyricism. The repertoire, mostly composed of original music written by the three musicians, was premiered at world re-known Umbria Jazz Festival in July 2018.

‘A new group containing three of Italy’s most talented, most fearless players (guitarist Francesco Diodati, trombonist Filippo Vignato, and bassist Francesco Ponticelli) surprised everyone by behaving themselves. They played an atmospheric set of concentrated quietude. Elvis Costello’s “Someone Took the Words Away” emanated into a room of dead silence.’ (Thomas Conrad – JazzTimes)

‘One of the most creative and exciting performances of the festival’ (Umbria Jazz 2018 / Joanne Shurvell – Forbes)

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