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Ivo Neame Trio – Replay

Replay one of the first gigs we put on after re-opening in September – British pianist Ivo Neame featuring Tom Farmer on bass and James Maddren on Drums. The event is free but if you can, please consider donating to support the club and musicians whilst we are closed!

Over the last ten years, Ivo Neame has led ensembles that have performed all over Europe at notable jazz festivals and venues. The music is an exploration of contrast and represents an ongoing quest to house multiple styles and influences under one roof. This varied mix of sonic landscapes springs from a desire to find emotional resonances with audiences in as many ways as possible. The styles of the pieces range from serene, calm and reflective atmospheres to intense, high-octane polyrhythmic grooves. Improvising is at the heart of the band’s approach to dealing with all these musical structures, thus ensuring the fresh uniqueness of each performance.

‘That is what Neame does: write original, accessible, sometimes beautifully melodic, or truly exciting material for his terrific band, as well as being a brilliant piano improviser himself.’


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