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John Etheridge credit Doreen Pallier

Led by guitar legend John Etheridge, the Blue Spirits Trio includes Jim Watson (organ) & Nic France (drums)

Drawing on a vast reservoir of musical experience spanning 43 years ,Etheridge distills the bluesier side of his musical world in a repertoire that manifests intensity and emotion as it’s main quality, with subtlety, fluidity and interaction as central.  The repertoire is edgy and engaging with a forceful drive and bravura performances….A must!

“Legendary UK guitarist digs deep into the bluesy side of his repertoire alongside organ maestro Pete Whittaker and brilliant drummer Nic France . From funk to Gospel expect blistering guitar and driving rhythms from these 3 veterans of the music. Years of soul and experience crammed into a couple of hours of dynamic full throttle ,but also subtle, music making .Exhilarating!

“no doubting his awesome authority when he touches the guitar ‘((The Guardian)

‘Never wanted to be star -just a highly respected musician like John Etheridge ‘(Sting -the Guardian)

John Etheridge rightly enjoys a glowing reputation throughout the jazz world and beyond and has been described by Pat Metheny as, “One of the best guitarists in the world”. He is a prodigiously gifted and creative player whose approach to music can only be described as ‘eclectic’ as he refuses to accommodate or even acknowledge artificial musical boundaries. His range is well illustrated by his years of touring and recording with the iconic Stephane Grappelli while simultaneously doing likewise with the legendary jazz-fusion group, The Soft Machine.

Opening for John Etheridge is the THEO MAY’S ODD UNIT QUINTET


Line up:
Theo May: Violins, Composition & Bandleader
Gustavo Clayton Maurucci: Clarinets
Lukasz Niemancewicz: Piano
Ali Watson: Bass
Alex Temple-Heald: Drums

Theo May’s Odd Unit Quintet:
The music of Theo May’s brand new ‘Odd Unit Quintet’ is a
highly personal and original response to the music that has
inspired and captivated him throughout his life. High octane and
fiercely frenetic folk-like dances contrast with dark and mysterious
soundscapes and painfully melancholic and lyrical pieces.
Difficult to pigeon-hole into a genre, but immediately recognisable
and striking in it’s originality and energy, the music of Odd Unit
draws upon Theo’s love of Jazz, Folk and modern Classical
influences to weave a vibrant and rich musical tapestry that is
unique, fresh and exciting whilst at the same time being
immediately listenable, groovy and captivating. Brought to life by
a fantastic line-up of young players from the London Jazz scene as
well as Theo’s highly individual Violin playing, this music is sure
to excite and thrill listeners from all musical backgrounds.



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