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Formed in 2010 by Dee Byrne while she was studying on the postgraduate programme at Trinity Laban, Entropi started out as a vehicle for exploring composition and improvisation in a group context. Dee’s compositions explore a narrative of life-pondering, risk-taking and space gazing. Juggling order and chaos, composition and improvisation, the group takes listeners on a journey of compelling group interplay, strong themes, open-ended improvisation, dark grooves and interweaving melodic textures.

The ensemble features, alongside alto saxophonist Dee, the melodic improvising and clear tone of trumpeter Andre Canniere. Keyboardist Rebecca Nash offers an appropriately responsive and interactive approach whilst drummer Matt Fisher offers a malleability and versatility drawn from his wide experience in a range of different musical contexts. Bassist Olie Brice is well suited to this improvising environment, offering depth and spontaneity. Having performed live together for some time, the band has achieved a striking empathy and freedom to take risks.

Entropi’s debut album ‘New Era’ was released on the F-IRE Presents label in June 2015.

Interesting, stimulating music that is quite hard to pigeonhole gripped by a strong group instinct that moves from hard bop and structured modal sounds into more improv-soaked free-bop.’ Marlbank

Dee Byrne alto sax/compositions
Andre Canniere trumpet
Rebecca Nash keyboard
Olie Brice double bass
Matt Fisher drums
We are really looking forward to welcoming alto saxophonist and composer Mike Chillingworth and his trio. In his own words: ‘I formed this trio last year as a means to play music with an emphasis on spontaneity and improvisation. I have another project, a septet, which is all about detailed written compositions. This trio is the antidote to that. I will be performing with two fantastic improvisers: US drum legend Jeff Williams, who has played with everybody, including two of my favourite saxophonists Joe Lovano and Stan Getz; and Conor Chaplin on bass who plays in many of the most exciting new UK bands at of the moment. 

I often deliberately avoid choosing repertoire for a gig until the last moment, often writing new tunes in the days leading up to a performance, or taking ideas from whatever I happen to be listening to at the time. Whatever we choose to play on this occasion the emphasis will be on improvising, communicating, listening and exploring together.’

Mike Chillingworth alto saxophone/compositions
Conor Chaplin bass
Jeff Williams drums
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