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Mark Holub / Graham Dunning / Colin Webster / Irene Kepl

An evening of 3 established international improv duos showcasing some of the best the UK and Austria has to offer featuring Graham Dunning and Colin Webster, Mark Holub and Irene Kepl and Mark Holub and Colin Webster. The evening will see all of the duos performing, as well in new configurations and collective improvisations with all the players. A one off night not to be missed!


Graham Dunning – turntables, electronics
Colin Webster – saxophone
Irene Kepl – violin
Mark Holub – drums



Evincing a musical dialog informed by nearly ten years of collaboration, sweat, and growth, Viscera is the duo’s fourth recording, and a vital slab of energy improvisation. In 2010, they recorded Koi Bombs (Gaffer Records, 2011) with keyboardist Toby McLaren. The Claw was released the following year via the Raw Tonk label (Colin’s own imprint) in 2012. The duo toured extensively in the UK and France, honing their free-ranging, forceful take on free jazz, and incorporating elements from free improvisation, avant rock, doom metal, noise, and more. In November of 2013 the duo released Gutty Mutter (Raw Tonk), a limited edition live CD recorded at The Vortex Jazz Club in London.

Colin Webster & Graham Dunning
The duo perform improvised music avoiding conventional playing of their respective instruments: Turntable and saxophone. Graham uses a single turntable with dubplates of field recordings, dentistry tools and other objects to create crackling textures, tones and disjointed noise. On saxophone, Colin Webster uses a range of techniques to bring a palette of percussive and textural sounds, drawn tones, and raw, searing blasts.
As a duo they have released five albums, the most recent being ‘Most of What Follows Is True’ (Sound Holes, 2017).

Violin and percussion are not your typical duo choice, but Austrian violinist Irene Kepl and American percussionist Mark Holub like to do things a bit differently. By bringing these two instruments together they create a link between the classical and jazz traditions and a new, confident sound of their own.

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