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Match and Fuse Festival 2015

Strobes / Alarmist / The Great Harry Hillman / Kaja Draksler / Magnus Loom (Downstairs) / Soccer 96
Tickets £15 for wristbanded access to The Vortex/Cafe Oto/Servant Jazz Quarters
or VERY LIMITED early bird for £10
Powered by musician DIY, Match&Fuse are igniting progressive music with pan-European festivals, this year in Warsaw, Toulouse and London. The Vortex hosts a night of the 4th annual London festival with an extra-ordinary line up of composers and bands who compel and challenge. Dissolving barriers between genres and countries, it’s a rare chance to hear a spectrum of sounds from the European and UK underground.
The event features the electronic freedom and beat possibilities of Strobes, a group formed of the contemporary UK innovators Dan Nicholls, Matt Calvert and Dave Smith. Match&Fuse are also keen to present an instrumental band making a name in their home town of Dublin. Alarmist are a four-piece who are far greater than their sum of parts with two drum kits, two keyboards, guitar and electric bass. As 12 Points Festival noted, they are, ‘gravitationally pulled toward a rock aesthetic but constantly implying other philosophies in a way that excites.’
From Switzerland comes The Great Harry Hillman, a young foursome of sax, drums, electric guitar and bass who elegantly craft jazz-shaped instrumentals, whilst bringing some proper energy to improvisation. On a different tack is the solo pianist, Kaja Draksler, from Slovenia who will indulge in unique musings that use all parts of the piano. Thoughtful and captivating Kaja is making a name for her unique style. This will be her first performance in London
There are no words to describe Magnus Loom, except his own: ‘Professional noisy man enjoys…highly processed vignettes of domestic existence’. This man with voice and keyboards will be lighting up the Vortex Downstairs with his ‘Gilded Bumf’. Finally Soccer 96 will bring ‘Tron-like landscapes’ with synths and drums for a live, post-club experience to complete the party in the early hours.
This is part of a wristband event which allows entry to performances at the Vortex, Cafe Oto, the Cafe Oto Project Space and Servant Jazz Quarters. There will be a procession from each venue ending in a ‘supergroup’ of all the bands aka the Eirik Tofte Match&Fuse Orchestra, playing in Gillett Square at midnight. 

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