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Michelson Morley + Dimitriy Golovanov

With their debut release Aether Drift in April 2014, Bristol-based quartet Michelson Morley announced themselves as one of the most original and exciting new bands to hit the UK scene. The first album as writer and leader by Get the Blessing saxophonist Jake McMurchie, exposed the talents of a brilliant and highly inventive new voice. But the band’s restless collective imagination is already pushing them into darker, ambient waters and the input of rising star Dan Messore on guitar is opening new worlds of sound and improvisation. Album number 2 ”Strange Courage” will be released in May 2016 on Babel Label and features new tracks such as the architecturally beautiful Tamer as Prey, the darkly meditative Primitive One, the pastoral The Last of Me, alongside the playfully confrontational Ammageddon. This is a quartet who bring together diverse influences in a unique and original way.


‘liberating flexibilities of time and space certainly characterise McMurchie’s fine first album as a composer/leader … The compositions are imaginative and the collective creativity gives the set an unapologetically jazz-rooted feel.’ (John Fordham, The Guardian)


Jake McMurchie (Saxophones / Electronics)

Mark Whitlam (Drums / Electronics)

Will Harris (Double Bass)

Dan Messore (Guitar / Electronics) 


Dimitriy Golovanov

Dmitrij Golovanov is one of the most known and in-demand piano players in Lithuania. The 32-years-old pianist develops his own style, reflecting maturity and good knowledge of jazz language what allows him to step fearlessly beyond the borders of jazz tradition and to appear both as an amusing and a musing artist.

He is the winner of several international jazz piano competitions as well as the semifinalist of Montreux Jazz Solo Piano Competition in 2012 and a finalist of European Jazz Competition in Rotterdam in 2013. For the last decade he is an active participant of Lithuanian jazz scene and abroad collaborating with most prominent musicians and performing in such festivals as London Jazz, Brugge Jazz, Pori Jazz, Jazz Jamboree and many others. Collaborations include trio VD, Jeff Cascaro, Herbie Kopf, Liudas Mockunas, Jacob Riis, Byron Wallen, Eska Mtungwazi and many others.

Among other recordings that he participated as a piano or keyboard player he released in 2014 his debut solo piano CD “Me”.

His solo performance is a blend between original pre-composed material and freely improvised music. It ranges from transparently harmonized melodies to what can seem unruled chromaticism, from groovy riffs to freely organized flow of rhythmic ideas.

The concept of the Dmitrij Golovanov’s solo piano project is to cross the borders of traditional jazz piano playing and to rearrange traditional elements of music into music, which surprises listener and make him ask questions. Expression is above all. Eloquent sound produces speaking-like phrases to penetrate and resonate with listener’s minds, souls and consciousness. It’s music to makes you listen.

Listen to his music:

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