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Charlie Collins (drums) / Anthony Donovan (bass and electronics) / Ian Simpson (guitar) trio 

Intriguing new trio collaboration from fine improvisers who have appeared here before in different guises. A mix of acoustic and electronic soundscapes that seek to take the listener on a constantly changing journey. A balance of the harsh and the delicate.

The Grew Quartet – Stephen Grew (piano) / Phillip Marks (drums) / Seth Bennett (bass) / Matt Robinson (clarinets)

Stephen Grew is based in Lancaster and is well known as a soloist and memeber of the electronic group Grutronic. He formed this quartet in 2009.
Described as ‘thoroughly spontaneous and ranging through many moods and influences, from cool, reflective lyricism to an intensity not dissimilar to a high velocity Jimmy Giuffre / Paul Bley ensemble through to more playful, jazz influenced melodic and rhythmic areas, taking in the atomistic, pinpoint energy of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble of the 1970’s…’
Alison Blunt (violin) / Mark Sanders (drums) duo

Two of the U.K’s finest improvisers who need no introduction to Mopomoso audiences. The individual musicians have an enormous variety of musical credits between them ranging from rock, folk and classical, jazz and free improvisation. The last time the pair appeared here for Mopomoso was in the quartet EMJA with John Russell and Elaine Mitchener.
Adam Bohman (electronics) / JJ Duerinckx (sax) / Tom Jackson (clarinets) trio

With his table of amplified objects Adam Bohman’s intriguing soundworld is augmented, interrupted and carried along by the single reed interplay of Jackson and Duerinckx. Playful and yet also vital this music takes the everyday and makes it so much more. As the advertisement used to say ‘Enter a Different World!’….
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