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Emmanuel Cremer (cello) / Lionel Garcin (sax) / Dominic Lash (bass) / Alex Ward (clarinet) quartet

Dominic and Emmanuel met while they were artists in residence at the OMI International Arts Center New York in 2010. They have formed this new quartet by each inviting a close colleague who has not so far collaborated with the other group members.
 Dominic Lash and Alex Ward have worked together since 2001 – in fact, Lash’s first ever concert of improvised music was in a trio with Ward and pianist Pat Thomas. Emmanuel Cremer and Lionel Garcin have been regular partners since 2003, mainly around the music of Barre Phillips in his Emir Ensemble. Apart from the existing threads of
acquaintanceship that run through, the group there is a shared desire to reveal the natural connections to be found in a double strings, double reeds quartet. Four fine improvisers promising a music of passion and intellegence.


Alex Ward,Dominic Lash @ Boat-ting 7.2.11

Chris Burn solo piano

A respected interpreter of the works of Henry Cowell and John Cage, and a composer / arranger in his own right, Chris is also a gifted improviser, probably best known for leading the group ‘Ensemble’ (making five CDs and giving concerts in the UK, mainland Europe and Canada, along with a number of radio broadcasts). As a skilled trumpet player he has a long standing duo with keyboardist Matt Hutchinson and can often be heard as part of John Russell’s Quaqua groups.
His solo piano work makes a virtue of using the whole instrument, playing inside the body with prepared objects and amplification to bring out the most delicate of shades and tones or create huge soundscapes. A rare talent!
Kay Grant (voice) / Martin Speake (sax) duo
A brand new duo from two thoughtful and intelligent musicians, well respected amongst the musical community. Kay Grant’s use of the instrumental nature of her voice and Martin Speake’s lyricism is a winning combination and one that reflects the depth of their past musical dealings. Sharing a genesis in classical music as well as Jazz, they have each evolved through a range of influences, styles and playing situations to find their own musical personalities, effectively
coming together in a celebration of spontaneity and freedom. Delightful!
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