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In a wide ranging programme all the groups playing tonight are making their Mopomoso debut.

Utter Chaos – Andrea Caputo (guitar) / Massimo Semprini (sax) duo

With a name that belies their articulate music this duo brings together two Italians, one based in London (Caputo), and the other based in Rimini (Semprini), where he runs a weekly improvisation workshop. Caputo is a classically trained player best known here for his small group improvisations. Semprini has worked with a.o Tony Coe, Chris Cutler, Phil Minton, Wolter Wierbos and Thollem McDonas and has written compositions for Musica nel Buio, Ella Guru, Oban Sax 4tet, Symphonic Orchestra of Bologna.

Stephen Grew (piano) solo

Lancaster based Grew performs in and leads his own groups Grutronic, a four piece electronic band, Grew Trio, Grew Quartet and Grew & Grew. He has also performed with a.o Evan Parker, Keith Tippett, Graham Clark, Pat Thomas, Howard Riley and has long standing collaborators in his brother Nicholas, Richard Scott, David Ross and Philip Marks.

KTHXBYE – Stian Larsen (guitar) / Brage Tomaenen (drums) duo

This Norwegian band has been playing together on the Norwegian improvised music scene since 2011 both as a duo and in several different larger combinations. Their playing uses a variety of preparations to their instruments and relies on a fast interplay. Here on their first tour as a duo in the UK.

Nick Malcolm (trumpet) / Hannah Marshall (cello) / Lauren Kinsella (voice) trio

Three fine musicians with backgounds across a variety of styles and musics, here bringing it all to bear in a freely improvised context. Delightful!

“…a supremely gifted musician…a trumpet player for the twenty first century fully conversant with the post-war history of his instrument…wow!” – BEBOP SPOKEN HERE

“An artist in the complete sense… Kinsella stands in the excitingly undefined space between the airy yet shadowy blues modernism of Abbey Lincoln and the daring flexibility of form of Annette Peacock or Lauren Newton.” Kevin Le Gendre Jazzwise

“a soundscape, both playful and sinister, which underscores the idea of past and present colliding and shattering so that secrets can be unearthed and examined”. Hannah’s music for theatre piece Unexploded Bomb – Lyn Gardner – Guardian

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