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ONe_Orchestra New

Doors 7:45 PM, Music 8:30 PM – 2 set(s) of music



To be confirmed but likely to include most of the following:

Khabat Abas – Cello

Rosalie Bell – Dance

Regan Bowering – Percussion

Dee Byrne – Alto Sax

Isidora Edwards – Cello

Lisa Elde – Voice

Jacken Elswyth – Banjo

Damsel Elysium – Violin, Double Bass

Kirsty Ferguson-Lewis – Voice

Sharon Gal – Voice

Lu Greco – Dance

Kirke Gross – Cello

Lara Jones – Soprano Sax

Charlotte Keeffe – Trumpet

Shima Kobayashi – Chromatic Harmonica

Olga Ksendzovska – Piano, Voice, Trombone

Caroline Kraabel – Alto Sax

Sue Lynch – Tenor Sax, Flute, Clarinet

Greta Pistaceci – Theremin/Electronics

Shama Rahman – Sitar

Cath Roberts – Baritone Sax

Maya Leigh Rosenwasser – Piano/Electronics

Emily Shapiro – Clarinets

Rosa Theodora – Piano, Marimba

Sofia Vaisman-Maturana – Cello

Beibei Wang – Percussion

Emi Watanabe – Flutes

Maureen Wolloshin – Oboe



ONe_Orchestra New is a large group of improvising musicians brought together by Caroline Kraabel and made up of women and trans/non-binary people.

Music that was lost, damaged or never made/heard.

Since distinctions between people are too often used to justify unequal treatment, the source and foundation of our music is rooted in the belief that our equality springs from our shared humanity. We assert that, like all people, all instruments, all musical education/cultures, and all sounds are different, but fundamentally of equal worth. We believe it’s possible to challenge roles, hierarchies, rules, and conventional trajectories through our collective musical practice.

How can we make the most of our differences—in how we pay attention, in our ways of listening and uttering? How far
can we go into difference?

Our improvising together is what transmutes our histories and sounds into music.

Photo credit: Adrian Northover


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