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Phemo Quartet Performs Anti-Revelation (2nd show)


Ashkan Layegh – Piano

Sam Norris – Alto Saxophone

Harry Ling – Drums

Gonçalo Maia Caetano – Bass


Formed in 2019 by Iranian composer and pianist, Ashkan Layegh, in London, Phemo aims is to explore freedom through a highly-detailed composition. Whether this freedom is caused by a melodic improvisation by saxophone, or an interplay between the drums and bass, or simply a classical interpretation of the score, creating a new musical language, in association with memory, has always been the front matter for the ensemble.

Its current line up includes Academy graduate, Sam Norris (Alto Saxophone), Guildhall graduate Harry Ling (Drums), and Academy classical guitarist, Gonçalo Maia Caetano (Bass).

Because of the different backgrounds of the personnel, Phemo’s sound derives from the various musical forces, such as: Progressive Rock of 70s, Traditional Persian Music, Modal Jazz of Miles Davis and John Coltrane, 60’s Avant-Garde, and Swiss Contemporary Music.

This upcoming concert remarks the very first time they play their 5-movement cycle project, Anti-Revelation.

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