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The internationally renowned Greek violinist, Kyriakos Gouvendas and singer Marina Deligianni are joined by musicians of the Rebetiko Carnival 2016, to present a selection of songs from famous composers from Asia Minor such as Skarvelis, Peristeris, and Toundas. These composers blended elements of the Asia Minor tradition with western music forms, creating a unique musical style that decisively influenced the birth and evolution of Rebetiko.


Kyriakos Gouvendas, violin
Kyriakos Gouvendas was born in Thessaloniki in 1966. Having studied violin at the State
Conservatory he then worked with the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki and in various chamber music ensembles. He is an internationally acclaimed virtuoso violinist whose mastery of the instrument spans the entire spectrum of Greek music, leading to collaborations with virtually all the major contemporary composers and singers of Greek music and beyond. He has participated in more than 150 records, dozens of television shows and hundreds of concerts in Greece and around the world. His performance at the ‘Genius of Violin’ series at Barbican earned him rave reviews.

Marina Deligianni, vocals
Raised in Athens, Marina grew up immersed in Greek folk music and the sounds of Asia Minor where her family background has its roots. Educated at the National Conservatoire of Music, Marina specialised in modern and folk singing. As a performing artist she has worked alongside musicians and vocalists such as Zaharias Karounis, Dimitris Livanos, Angela Greka and many others.
In London Marina teaches vocals and is the lead female singer with the group Plastikes Karekles. She is also one of the founding members of the Rebetiko Carnival. Her recording discography includes: “The Secret of the World by Dimitris Livanos, “Emotions of Üsküdar” by Suat Sancar and “Once upon a time in Greece” by Plastikes Karekles.

Spiros Bolovinis, vocals/baglama
Pavlos Carvalho, bouzouki
Yiannis Andrianakis, guitar

Rebetiko Music
Rebetiko is the music of an urban sub culture of musicians called “rebetes”. Although they openly emerged in Greece in the 1920’s, Rebetiko music is a rich synthesis of music from all over Greece that expresses the pain and suffering of the people at the time. In a heartfelt way of reflecting life, these songs can be full of humour and profound beauty.

Rebetiko Carnival 2016
The Rebetiko Carnival will be taking place throughout the month of June to celebrate the music of Rebetiko. It will bring together people from different backgrounds and nationalities through their common love for this music, performing concerts and providing workshops.

Outreach work for people with special needs, the elderly, and participants in hospitals is a huge part of the festival. Providing access to the music for those who are not able to attend. We will also be working closely with schools to promote awareness of the music and its culture to children, in turn helping them to create their own bands whilst also giving them the opportunity to perform in the festival.

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