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Tim Berne’s Snakeoil + Mark Trounson Group featuring Bill McHenry

A stunning double bill with two of the dynamic saxophonists on the New York scene.


Tim Berne is back with this great band!

Tim Berne: alto saxophone

Oscar Noriega: clarinet and bass clarinet

Matt Mitchell: piano

Ches Smith: drums, percussion

Saxophonist and composer Tim Berne remains a major force in American and European jazz, and now returns to the Vortex with his New York band Snakeoil. The music remains mercurial and contemporary: detailed, rugged and complex, but also contemplative, lyrical and cinematic at times.

“Torrential, free-jazzy urgency” (Guardian)

“Unlike the product from which the band derive their name there is no fraudulent substances here, nor any merchandise of dubious quality to be had, instead we find a very well crafted and rich tapestry created from carefully selected auricular elements.” (Freejazzblog)


DAY 2  Thursday


DAY 2  Thursday

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