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Snorkel + Eirik Tofte M&F Orchestra + Physics House Band + Lunch Money + Twinscapes + Wolfram Trio

Wolfram Trio play in the Vortex Downstairs at 8pm, entry is free to see Wolfram Trio

Snorkel are an avant-whatever collective exploring the nether regions between the groove and free improvisation; sub-aquatic observations of dub, jazz, Afro-beat, krautrock and electronica. Taking their inspiration from legendary bands like Can, Soft Machine and This Heat, the current line-up uses drums, guitar, trombone, analog and digital synths, vocals and various cheap samplers/drummachines/electronics to create their sound, generating loops from which the tracks are built. Intense polyrhythmic grooves pull in influences from jazz to African, rock to drum’n’bass, and drag them into a new context.

The Eirik Tofte Match&Fuse Orchestra was officially formed in 2014, in memory of the late Eirik Tofte, Norwegian Match&Fuse co-producer (1988 – 2013). In the spirit of M&F the ensemble calls upon various improvisation techniques and soundpainting gestures to create a spontaneous and thrilling experience. Contemporary sounds blend with electronic and acoustic soundscapes and dirty grooves that propel this underground orchestra into undiscovered sonic adventures. A head-on-collision of free improvisation, contemporary classical sounds and electronic dub grooves, the Eirik Tofte Match&Fuse Orchestra showcases everything that is fresh and original about European music today. The lineup will include approx 15 members.

The Match&Fuse Festival culminates with a procession featuring the The Eirik Tofte Match&Fuse Orchestra as they go directly from their headlining set at Café Oto on a midnight march to The Vortex where they will perform a brief set before Snorkel close the festival bringing two of London’s best venues together for the night: Just as Match & Fuse bring musicians and audiences together.

The Physics House Band may only be in their early 20’s, but they possess musical prowess way beyond their years. Take the psychedelic explorers of the 60s, prog of the 70s, tech metal of the 80s, 90s post-rock, all with the 21st century precision of math-rock and, well… you’re getting there. Creating incredibly modern forward thinking compositions reminiscent of Jaga Jazzist and Yes, coupled with the technical tunefulness of The Mars Volta and Battles, The Physics House Band tear through boundaries to create a truly unique sound.

Born in the fires of central London out of a collective love/bitter loathing of music and a desire to create and play music they want to hear, Lunch Money formed almost two years ago and continue to permutate in their sound and ideology today. Formerly known as ‘The History Underground’ and ‘Blind Thug Orchestra’, Lunch Money will probably continue to change their name, to keep fans on their toes, for years to come. ‘Witness 6 hot-headed boys pit their wits against each other, as the sound barrier gets thrown aside on this astral quest for a new musical milky way’

Twinscapes are two bassists from two different continents – Italian Lorenzo Feliciati of the adventurous jazz-rock band Naked Truth and the intensely searching nu jazz group Berserk! and Australian Colin Edwin of the longstanding prog-rock band Porcupine Tree and the heavy-duty, experimental Metallic Taste of Blood as well as Ex-Wise Heads and Burnt Belief – come together to make one potent statement on Twinscapes. Expect ambient soundscapes to slamming funk workouts and kinetic grooves to cinematic-sounding pieces that defy easy categorization.

Running Times 

20:00 Wolfram (Vortex Downstairs)
21:00 Twinscapes
22:00 Lunch Money
23:00 The Physics House Band
24:00 Eirik Tofte M&F Orchestra
00:30 Snorkel
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