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-Morley Jazz Orchestra
-Trombone Poetry
-G-bop Orchestra
-John Eacott’s Hour Angle

A solstice festival bringing together old and new works.

Richard Peaslee composed ‘Stonehenge Suite’ in 1963 having been arranger for Stan Kenton. This demanding and brilliant work is presented with others from the Kenton stable as the focus of this rare concert by Morley Jazz Orchestra.

Hour Angle by John Eacott first performed in 2008 is a live sonification of the movement of the sun. Using live real time astronomical data converted into notation and read by musicians and singers from smart-phones, this performance dramatically captures the slowing up of the sun’s northerly declination until it falls silent at the moment of the 2016 summer solstice. Any musicians and singers invited to come and join in!

Paul Taylor’s Trombone Poetry will include a new solstice commission.

Returning to UK after 2 years in Scandinavia the G-bop Orchestra perform a new summer related work.

and the hKippers

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