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Speckles Brass + Alexander Hawkins

Alexander Hawkins – piano

Matt Gough, Aaron Diaz, Mike Soper, Laura Jurd – trumpets

Kieran McLeod, Rich Foote, Raph Clarkson, Yusuf Narcin – trombones


The Great British Brass Band – but not as you know it! Speckles Brass play freely improvised music drawing on a hodgepodge of influences as diverse as the musical interests of its members – poetry, art, dance, new sounds, classical harmony, grungy blues and more – it’s all in there! Established by Raph Clarkson and Kieran McLeod in January 2016, Speckles have thus far collaborated with unique and creative improvisers including Joe Wright (sax), Julie Kjaer (sax, bass clarinet and flute) Sarah Gail Brand (trombone) and Mia Marlen Berg (voice). Their work has also encompassed projects with dancers and visual live-score systems for improvising, and they are currently developing community projects exploring the possibilities of improvising and conversing through sound with nursery-age children. Here, they play with the extraordinary Alexander Hawkins, whose enormous range of musical expression and language is sure to spark an exciting, surprising and richly textured collaboration.




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