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THE AFRICAN JAZZ ORCHESTRA directed by Serge Ngando-Mpondo

SERGE NGANDO-MPONDO, director/composer/bass

The 10-piece African Jazz Orchestra is directed by Cameroonian French double and electric bassist SERGE NGANDO-MPONDO. The orchestra is the musical vision of a founder who aims to see adventurous collaborations that will provide musical styles spanning the whole continent of Africa.

The African Jazz Orchestra is packed with brilliant soloists and has one aim which is to rekindle people’s love affair with African jazz. Their brilliant music takes the listeners to the roots of all black music where hi-life meets afrobeat and then meeting jazz along the way.

Bassist and leader SERGE NGANDO-MPONDO has spent the last few years writing for this orchestra with the aim of creating spectacular live shows with some of the best African jazz soloists in contemporary music.

On this London debut The African Jazz Orchestra bring its irresistible music driven by the basslines of Serge. Together they speak with one unique voice that creates music that has no boundaries.

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