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The Grip

Finn Peters, flute & saxes
Oren Marshall, tuba
Tom Skinner, drums

Three of Europe’s most in demand and respected jazz musicians combine in a playful, freewheeling and energetic trio. Highly individual soloists Oren Marshall on tuba, Finn Peters on flute & saxes and Tom Skinner on drums embark on a telepathic trialogue to bring you “The Grip”, a brand new, pioneering collaboration born in London.
Inspired by stories fictional and true, their original and celebratory compositions encompass music from hard blues to free bop and deep funk.

The name “The Grip” came from the classic free jazz album by “Black” Arthur Blythe. Finn worked with the legendary drummer from the album, Steve Reid, shortly before he died in 2009. Oren has also collaborated with Bob Stewart, the tuba player from that record. Blythe is a big influence on the musicians, but more importantly, the idea of making events (artistic, musical, social) happen within communities is crucial to “The Grip’s” vision. In the UK we are currently faced with difficult economic and social circumstances out of which a 21st century DIY movement has grown. As is often the case in times of social and economic crisis, great art has been born…..let’s Celebrate!

The Grip – Celebrate out on Slowfoot records September 2014

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