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Toby Boalch Quartet featuring Brigitte Beraha

In this exciting project, Birmingham-based pianist Toby Boalch presents his settings of classic poetry to the song form. He has drawn from a broad range of works, including William Blake to the poetry of Asian mystic traditions, in order to explore the variety and depth of human experience. The song-setting is inspired by vocal artists such as Becca Stevens, Joni Mitchell and Pentangle, while the music still reflects Toby’s earlier compositional influences; John Taylor, Kenny Wheeler and Wayne Shorter.

The band features the absolutely incredible vocalist Brigitte Beraha, whose gorgeous voice and stunning creative output have also been a major inspiration in writing of the material in this project. Forming the rhythmic heart of the band are two of Toby’s long-term collaborators; superb drummer Euan Palmer and outstanding bassist Nick Jurd.

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