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Vortex discussion 49. Jazz musicians- Eccentrics? Geniuses?


The Vortex discussions have now been running weekly for almost a year. For today’s, we look at how jazz musicians are often considered.  The music, and their practitioners are too often characterised as outside the mainstream. But is that perhaps a better solution?

And the words used, such as “eccentric” or similar, are often perhaps slightly derogatory. However, so surely were many geniuses in the past, such as Leonardo (pictured) and Einstein. So it is not just in jazz, but in many other fields.

The discussion on Zoom is hosted by Vortex director Oliver Weindling. And today we raise a few issues as to whether this so-called eccentricity should be tolerated or whether, as the music becomes more academicised, it should be more mainstream in how it is thought of.

Open to all, whether practitioner or curious fan, whether you want to be active or just listen.

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