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Vortex discussion 75 – to what extent might artists/musicians be compromised by politics?

We are in a world where it has been possible for artists and musicians to take official funding to see themselves through the pandemic. But were there additional “political” strings attached, even implicitly? Or is it not a problem?  Being potentially compromised by the paymaster is the subject of today’s weekly discussion. “He who pays the piper calls the tune?”

Artists being manipulated for propanganda purposes isn’t new, even back to the times when musicians had to fulfill obligations for religious reasons. The idea for this week’s discussion, hosted by Oliver Weindling,  was inspired by an exhibition currently on in Vienna where’s there is a new show about the position of artists during the period of the Nazi Anschluss. Of course many left, because Jewish and/or “degenerate”. But there was a large number who became ‘official’ artists, painting and creating (very kitschy)  populist art in order to make a living.  Similar compromised positions have often taken place, such as for fado performers under the dictatorship in Portugal.



Topic: Vortex discussion – music and politics
Time: Oct 20, 2021 05:30 PM London

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