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Vortex discussion 97 – ‘Genius’. A clear cut way of defining innovators?

According to Immanuel Kant, “the product of a genius…is an example that is meant not to be imitated, but to be followed by another genius…[who]…is aroused…to a feeling of his own originality, which allows him to exercise in art his freedom from the constraint of rules, [so] that art itself acquires a new rule by this, thus showing that the talent is exemplary. But since a genius is nature’s favourite and so…a rare phenomenon, his example gives rise to a school for other good minds.”

Is that a definition to be followed when it comes to jazz? Some might argue that it’s too exclusive and perhaps there are more geniuses perhaps in a narrower sense?

Meanwhile in this field, there is a lot of fun to be had! Indeed, who are the jazz ‘geniuses’? I have included Art Tatum. Others may disagree, but so be it!

Come and join in. These discussions have been going on weekly for two years!!

Join the discussion led by Oliver Weindling, Vortex director.



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