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We Europe Jazz Festival livestream


We are happy to be part of the Europe wide streamed festival, set up by our friends in Gliwice in Poland,  crossing Europe (and even the Atlantic) with a group of like-minded gigs. Some are already known to us at the Vortex, such as the involvement of Paul Zauner in Passau or Paul van Kemenade from Netherlands. But the others are well worthwhile too. So it’s a privilege to show what is now possible in the streamed world.

The „We Europe” concert will be the largest jazz music concert in the Old Continent. Jazz music concert organisers from all over Europe have worked together to make this project a reality. The main initiator of the project, Krzysztof Kobyliński, will appear at the venue of the annual Palm Jazz Festival in Jazovia, Gliwice, Poland, followed by the Szymon Klima and Dominik Wania duo. In Prešov, Slovakia, David Kollar will play a duo with Tomas Mutina at a concert organised by the makers of the Hevhetia Košice Festival. In Brno, Czech Republic, famous for the Ponava Fest, the Jakub Mizeracki Trio will perform. In the Austrian Diersbach Sweet Emma Band (Inntoene Jazz Festival) will play. The Lorenzo de Finti Quartet (Rosetum Jazz Festival) will give a concert straight from Milan, Italy and from Tilburg in the Netherlands the Paul van Kemenade Quintet (Stranger Than Paranoia Jazz Festival) will perform. Izabella Effenberg will give a concert in the German Nuremberg and the Leonid Shinkarenko Band (Nida Jazz Festival) will make their appearance on stage in Vilnius, Lithuania. The ninth concert will be given by the Jacques Seguin Group in Montreal, Canada as a part of the Polish-Canadian partnership (Jazz Crossing Festival). From The Vortex Jazz Club, London, United Kingdom we will perform for us Alina Bzhezhinska – the most exciting and dynamic harpists based in the UK.




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