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Rebecka Edlund Presents. (Whirlpool Series)

Whirlpool – moving, changing, turbulent water. Floods, rising sea levels, melting ice fields, wildfires and droughts. Climate change is primarily a water crisis. This month, Rebecka Edlund will invite the audience to dive deep into the endangered waters we can not live without. An evening of improvised, experimental storytelling, candlelight and recycled cardboard boxes.
Special guests: Alex Lyon on bass clarinet and Tom Morley on piano, electronics, banjo and other gronky sounds.


Vortex’s Whirlpool Series has been started to give the opportunity for new young graduates from London’s premier jazz courses to develop new ideas and concepts. Join us on the journey.

The other Whirlpool curators are Kasper Rietkerk, Alex Lockheart, Jakub Klimiuk, Marta Gornitzka, Caius Williams.

Rebecka’s new video podcast, The Tea Hive, is now available.



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