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The Vortex Jazz Club together with the Vortex Foundation are proud to announce the launch of IN THE CHANGES. This venture, which has been made possible with support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, is a new outreach education and participation programme that will foster a culture of exchange and learning between the artists, audience and staff of the club and the surrounding communities. The Vortex is the only small venue in the UK specialising in jazz and improvisation that has a dedicated programme of this type.

Recognised worldwide as one of the top venues to hear high quality contemporary jazz and improvised music, the Vortex will build on its strong social and community philosophy alongside its uncompromising commitment to outstanding arts. The club is located in Dalston area of the London Borough of Hackney which is known as one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse centres of the United Kingdom. It is also one of the most economically deprived areas in the country. IN THE CHANGES aims to not only create sharing between the communities, but also remove barriers, both real and perceived that restrict people from enjoying the artistic excellence that takes place in Hackney.

Artistic Director at the Vortex Jazz Club Oliver Weindling: ‘ Improvised music – especially jazz is built on the ideal of inclusivity and sharing. It’s the artform equivalent of a conversation where everyone’s voice is equally valid. The Vortex has a long history of giving people outside of the mainstream the opportunity to express themselves and exchange their ideas’.

Adam Hart from the Vortex Foundation: ‘Gillett Square, Dalston and Hackney are such amazing and unique spaces in the UK. In a way they embody the spirit of jazz – lots of ideas crashing together and just making it work! Sometimes people need some help to connect and play together. That’s what this project is all about.’


The project is led by musician, educator and producer Cameron Reynolds. Please get in touch with Cameron if you have any questions and he would love to hear your ideas and suggestions as well.





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