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Byron Wallen / Nick Ramm – Black Flag (1st Show)


Byron Wallen – Trumpet
Nick Ramm – Piano


Black Flag is a body of work from 2004, commissioned by the Jerwood Foundation.

The project, a short series named Dangerous Duets, brought together musicians performing original work exploring different approaches to improvising as a duo.

The music charts the psychological and emotional frontiers of contact between a mother and son separated by the Atlantic Ocean. It dives into the multi layered Debris and Toxic waste caused by global imperialism and colonialism. The creation of Lost souls and generations living in socio-economic poverty confined within a mental bubble of paralysis. Explore the shifting balance of power between the urban and rural with a glimpse of light before the sun.

The work is also a response to the photography of Annabel Elgar. Her images affirm voyeuristic vantage points, which negotiate the boundary between seeming comfort and unfolding details, which suggest less easy realities within the frame.

Byron has worked with Nick Ramm since the 90’s, he was the keyboard player in my group Sound Advice and the Tarot Suite. We have a deep synergy and I love the breadth and clarity of his musical voice.



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