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Crowley/Luft/Giles + Rick Simpson’s Klammer

A spectularly incisive trio leading one from the starting point of the jazz standards into pastures unknown, but satisfying. With George Crowley (sax), Rob Luft (guitar), Tim Giles (drums)

Rick Simpson’s Klammer:

Award-winning pianist and composer Rick Simpson has been no stranger to the heart of the London Jazz scene – on both the new music and more traditional fronts – for many years now, and with Klammer he has a group which gives full voice to his ambitious and exciting compositions.

His music for Klammer focuses on through-composition, complex ensemble playing and modern textures/rhythms, though with enough space for soloists to shine and plenty of wit and levity to boot.

The band is completed by some of the young London Jazz scene’s most sought-after rising stars:

Rick Simpson – piano, fender rhodes, wurlitzer, ms-10, glockenspiel, harmonium

Michael Chillingworth – alto/tenor saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet

George Crowley – tenor saxophone

Ralph Wyld – vibraphone

Tom Farmer – double bass

David Hamblett – drums

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