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Mopomoso presents an evening featuring four established duos from the Ô¨Ānest in free improvisation

Phil Minton / John Russell

Chris Burn / Matt Hutchinson

SQ: Paul Pignon /Thomas Bjelkeborn

Jim Dvorak / Harrison Smith

Phil Minton (voice) / John Russell (guitar) duo

Phil Minton is deservedly acclaimed around the world for his remarkable use of the voice, an instrument he continues to develop after a lifetime in music spent

working with many of the leaders in the¬†Ô¨Āeld of free improvisation and¬†experimental music. He has worked both¬†here and abroad in a duo with renowned

guitarist Russell for a number of years now and they always create an air of eager expectation whenever they appear.

Chris Burn (trumpets) / Matt Hutchinson (piano) duo

Long established partenership making¬†a welcome return after last year ľs¬†promotional visit for their CD  ĽUntuning¬†the Sky ľ. Two Ô¨Āne musicians with a

wealth of shared experience theirs is a music of intellegence and poise that repays close listening.

Jim Dvorak (trumpet) / Harrison Smith (saxophone) duo

Trumpeter Jim Dvorak started with  ĽBrotherhood of Breath ľ,  ĽJoy ľ, and bands led by Elton Dean, Keith Tippett¬†and Louis Moholo.  ĽDreamtime ľ with Nick Evans, was followed by his own groups  ĽDhyana ľ,  ĽSun Sum ľ  ĽBardo State Orchestra ľ and  Ľ Alakazam ľ. When  ĽDistrict Six ľ was formed, it cemented his long standing and unique musical association with Harrison Smith which continues to this day. Harrison Smith has performed and recorded with Chris McGregor, Louis
Moholo, Harry Becket, Kenny Wheeler, Eddie Prevost, Danny Thompson, the Free Jazz Quartet with Paul Rutherford and Prevost and recently toured with
the American pianist Marilyn Crispell. He performs with his own Quartet, the London Improvisers Orchestra, the Dill Katz Quartet and a quartet with Ian
Smith. He has had a long and diverse musical association with Jim Dvorak including District Six, Al-aka-zam, Dhyana, as well as numerous improvised
music gigs over a 40 year period.

SQ РPaul Pignon (single reeds and electronics) / Thomas Bjelkeborn (electronics) duo

Paul Pignon has been playing and¬†composing music of almost every kind¬†for nearly 60 years and is a pioneer in¬†Electro Acoustic Music, having co –

founded the Radio Belgrade Electronic¬†Music Studio in 1968 and, while¬†working for EMS, was the instigator of¬†the EMS Synthi 100. Since his Ô¨Ārst

forays into free improvisation, in 1962 Oxford, improvisation has remained a core part of his work. Thomas Bjelkeborn is a sound artist, electronic musician and acousmatic composer. Also a curator for the PUSH festival and Club Lamour in Gävle and Stockholm he has performed at many electroacoustic and electronic music festivals around the world.

We gratefully acknowledge Ô¨Ānancial¬†assistance from The Swedish Arts¬†Council towards this appearance.



May 18, 2014
8:00 pm
- 11:00 pm


£8 / £6 concessions