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Mopomoso Monthly

MOPOMOSO was founded in 1991 by guitarist John Russell and pianist, trumpeter and composer Chris Burn to promote freely improvised music in all its forms and where applicable its relationship to other forms of contemporary music making. From the outset the aim has been to present the music on a local, regional national and international basis and to involve relative newcomers as well as more established musicians.

Mopomoso moved from its original venue The Red Rose to the Vortex in February 2008, where it has been ever since. The Vortex continues to support the series as a fellow volunteer-run organisation and an important platform for free improvisation, also playing host to John Russell’s annual Fete Quaqua in August.


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Sun 21 January 2018

Sun 17 December 2017


Come and join the celebrations as Mopomoso – the UK’s longest running regular improv sessions. As regulars will know, this is the occasion when it seems that all the improvising […]

Sun 18 June 2017


CRUSH – Mark Browne (sax,plus) Ian McGowan (trumpet) Sonic Pleasure (objects) Sonic Pleasure is famed for her unique use of bricks and masonry to make sound and usually the materials […]

Sun 21 May 2017

MOPOMOSO presents…

The Musicians Charlotte Keefe (tpt,flg) Joe Smith Sands (gtr) Diego Sampieri (gtr) + Marilza Gouvea (voc) Marcio Mattos (cello) Adrian Northover (sax) + Jean-Jacques Duerinckx (sax) John Russell (gtr) Matthieu […]

Sun 17 July 2016


Some of the best musicians on the scene today, performing in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere: Terry Day (drums) / Dave Panton (sax/ piano) duo. Paul G Smyth (piano) / Jennifer Walshe (voice) duo . John Russell (guitar) / Roger Turner (drums) duo

Terry Day (drums) / David Panton (saxophone / piano) duo

Sun 19 October 2014


This monthʼs Mopomoso programme of free improvised music features musicianʼs from Japan, Belgium, France and the UK in three contrasting and inspiring trios. Run entirely by volunteers Mopomoso plays host […]

Sun 21 September 2014


Continuing our monthly Mopomoso series curated by guitarist John Russell & showcasing the best in free improvisation. Emilio Gordoa (vibes) / Roland Ramanan (trumpet) duo Vibraphonist / percussionist Gordoa is […]

Tue 19 August 2014

Mon 18 August 2014

Sun 17 August 2014

Mon 21 July 2014

Sun 20 July 2014

Sun 15 June 2014


In a break from their usual programming Mopomoso presents an intriguing concert in two halves, with the first half from the Portfolio Improvisers group and the second featuring three fine […]

Sun 18 May 2014


Mopomoso presents an evening featuring four established duos from the finest in free improvisation Phil Minton / John Russell Chris Burn / Matt Hutchinson SQ: Paul Pignon /Thomas Bjelkeborn Jim […]

Sun 20 April 2014


Mopomoso, the UK’s longest running unbroken concert series dedicated to free improvisation, presents an evening of sonic delights Neil Metcalfe (flute) / Daniel Thompson (guitar) duo Highly musical and non […]

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