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MOPOMOSO presents: The Afternoon Sessions


Every year Mopomoso hosts a cross section of players from the improvising music community in an end of year Christmas show. Around thirty or so musicians take part in a series of five to ten minute sets, some serious some humourous. Both audience and participants are invited to bring food to share in a celebration of all things improvised. The programme will be changing up to and including the date of performance. A really great way to meet old friends and make new ones and to get a unique glimpse into this vibrant form of music making. So far expressing an interest in playing are :
Jez Parfett, Pat Moonchy, , Lucky Liguori, Steve Beresford, Satoko Fukuda, Paul Jolly, Alan Wilkinson, Paul Morris, Pascal Marzan, Matt Hutchinson, Michael Mendones, Ed Lucas, Maggie Nicols, Sid Thomas, Sylvia Hallett, Mike Skelton , Beibei Wang, John Eyles, Professor Nonowsky, Roland Ramanan, Dave Tucker, Kostas Chondros, James Wykeham-Martin, Benedict Taylor, Isidora Edwards, Adam Bohman, Simon Littlefield, James Bailey
Here’s the Toy Laptop Quartet being very silly at the 2007 show!

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