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Four duo line up

Yoni Silver / Joshua Weitzel
Martin Speake / Alyson Cawley
Steve Beresford / Pascal Marzan
Phil Minton / John Russell


As part of its ‘Afternoon Sessions’ Mopomoso presents three contrasting duos of freely improvised music. Come and sample the delights of a music unlike any other in that the audience share the discovery the music at the same time as the musicians themselves. A truly direct listening experience.


Yoni Silver / Joshua Weitzel duo

Mixing music and action, sound and silence two performers who share an interest in the construction of music in real time.


Martin Speake / Alyson Cawley duo

A duo versed in jazz but who also take their music into to the exploration of world rhythms, they here bring these shared experiences to bear on free improvisation.


Steve Beresford / Pascal Marzan duo

A fine pairing of two Mopomoso favourites, they have worked together over a number of years and show a keen understanding of each other’s musicality enabling them to allow each other the opportunity give full expression to the unfolding music.


Phil Minton / John Russell duo

This duo have been performing for many years and have appeared around the world presenting their dynamic and engaging music on a variety of platforms to much acclaim. A clip of a previous Vortex performance went viral reaching over 370,000 views on Facebook alone. Don’t miss them while you have the chance!

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