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Mopomoso ‘The Afternoon Sessions’

CRUSH!!! are Sonic Pleasure, Mark Browne and Ian Smith. The group utilises a vast array of found and home-made sound making devices combined with more traditional instruments. Sonic Pleasure is famed for her unique crafting of sound from
bricks and masonry, reducing much of her instrumentation to dust by the end of a concert. Mark Browne plays castrato saxophone, broken glass, percussion, whistles and bones. Ian Smith will play trumpet in an
extraordinary manner.

LINEA 4 are Bruce Coates (sax) Ian Simpson (guitar) Mark Hanslip (sax) and John Jasnoch (guitar)

This sax and guitar double-duo quartet, some of whom are well known to regular Mopomoso visitors, have played a number of
concerts in Birmingham and Manchester and we are delighted to have them visit us again as part of a small tour

NARRATIVE is the working title for the start of a new initiative from John Russell (electric guitar) with Alice Eldridge (feedback cello) and Beibei Wang (drums)

Starting with this trio concert the aim is to see where the narrative takes us. With a firm base in the electric end of things and in the hands of three great innovatory players this could just be the set to blow away any remaining winter blues.

Now in its 28th year Mopomoso has, amongst a number of other projects,
presented an unbroken monthly series of concerts focusing solely on freely
improvised music making it the longest running such series in the UK.
Founded by guitarist John Russell it is run entirely by volunteers.
The word Mopomoso was coined from the phrase MOdernism –
POstMOdernism – SOwhat?

Do come and check the music out. Ideally free improvisation is a music to be enjoyed live and what better place than at our Sunday afternoon regular slots at the Vortex.

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