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As part of its ‘Afternoon Sessions’ Mopomoso presents three contrasting duos of freely improvised music. Come and sample the delights of a music unlike any other in that the audience share the discovery the music at the same time as the musicians themselves. A truly direct listening experience.


Johnny Lapio (trumpet) / John Russell guitar) duo

Italian trumpter Johnny Lapio arrives for a debut duo with Mopomoso founder John Russell


Paul Pignon (clarinet,bass clarinet) / Richard Sanderson (amplified melodeon) duo

Based in Sweden, Paul Pignon has been involved with improvised music since the 1960s. He is joined by Linear Obsessional founder and head man Richard Sanderson.


Noel Meek (electronics) / Alan Wilkinson (sax) duo

New Zealander Noel Meek brings his special blend of electronics to bear on the colossal saxophone of Flim Flam boss Alan Wilkinson. 

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